Decision Near

Decision Near

Ebenezer Ogundeko will graduate in December from his high school in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Under Armour All-American is only 16, but has a lifetime decision ahead of him.

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"Most people my age aren't in this position," Ogundeko said about his pending decision. "I look at it that way. A lot of people might see it differently because I'm so young, but I feel like I'm mature enough to handle it. My family has always said I was mature beyond my years since I was a little kid."

The 6' 4", 240-pound defensive end is still focusing on winning a state championship before giving all of his focus to recruiting.

"We are 6-2 right now. Our last two games were cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. We start our playoffs next Friday. We really think we have what it takes to bring home the trophy."

New York's top prospect has had a big senior season.

"I have 78 tackles and 14 sacks so far. I feel like I've worked on my pass rush and stopping the run this season. I still want to get stronger and get more consistent but I'm getting there. Adding 10 pounds to my body this off-season has helped me out a lot. I'd like to add another 10 pounds before the start of my freshman season. That would get me in the 250-pound range."

What do the college recruiters like about the one-time Connecticut commitment?

"They say I play really aggressive. I get double and tripled teamed a lot, but I find a way around them. I have a high motor."

Ogundeko took an official visit to Arizona State last month but still has four visits to take before he makes a decision.

"I know I'll definitely visit Ole Miss and Clemson. I'll probably do Syracuse at the end of the season too."

Have any of those visits been set?

"I'm going to Ole Miss to see them play Mississippi State. I'm not sure about the Clemson visit. We haven't set the date, but I'm definitely committed to take one with them."

How did the Arizona State visit go?

"It was just a great campus and their facilities spoke for themselves. The players are great there. Their coaches are alright. They're pretty good people. It was just a great environment to be in. It was pretty nice."

What stood the most over everything else on the Sun Devil's visit."

"Their facilities. They were just really nice."'s No. 36 rated outside linebacker once had Florida, Oregon, and Notre Dame prominently on his list. Where do those schools stand?

"I still plan on taking a visit to Florida. I just like where I sit right now with the schools I listed. They've separated themselves from the rest of the pack, so to speak."

Ebenezer had a chance to visit the Gators this summer on an unofficial visit.

"The Florida visit was pretty good. It was alright. I haven't been there since June, but when I go back there in December I'll learn more."

What makes a school that is so far away, like an Ole Miss, so attractive?

"Coach (Chris) Kiffin has been working me really hard. Probably harder than anyone else. I like him a lot. They're playing well in the SEC. Their defense is playing pretty well. They play a 4-3 scheme. It's a good scheme for my skill set. I can see myself going there."

Clemson has always been high on Ogundeko's wish list.

"They have a pretty good school. They're ranked liked No. 10 now. They're winning and sending a lot of guys to the NFL. I'd like to see how the visit goes also."

Syracuse's proximity is obviously a plus on its side.

"Some players from Brooklyn have had some success there. I like them pretty good. It's a good school, and they need a big-time pass rusher. They're losing a couple of defensive ends this year. It would not be too far away from either."

How big of a role is distance from home going to play when it comes decision time?

"It won't be a factor at all. It'll be just where I feel comfortable. I'll look at their depth chart and my relationship with their coaches. I also want to see how they prepare me for the NFL."

Which school(s) does he feel like needs him the most?

"Probably Arizona State or Syracuse."

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